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New Blog Fandom!

I’m stopping posts on this blog, but I made a new one that I’m hoping to be better! Thanks and here’s the link:

Awesome Doctor Who Tumblr! For the followers of Doctor Who-Fan, this blog is what you should switch to because Doctor Who-Fan is being deleted. Thanks!


Remember to switch over to my new doctor who blog,

In a few weeks, I will be deleting Doctor Who-Fan. Out of the 431 followers I am pleased to have, I hope some of you visit my new blog!

Thanks! Allons-y and Geronimo!

-Doctor Who-Fan

I just wanna say I love your Tumblr! It's friggen awesome!! :)

Oh wow, thanks! Doctor Who is just so fun! So many, many references…

Moving This Blog!

Hello everyone! Geronimo and allons-y! I would really appreciate it if you all would follow me on my new Doctor Who blog. I am deleting this one and basically just moving it to

I hope some of the 431 of you will follow me again. Thanks! 

Geronimo and allons-y!

 - Doctor Who-Fan

Doctor Who - Back in time

Re-watching Doctor Who, season by season:)